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Muswellbrook greyhound track is set to undergo significant improvements thanks to almost $800,000 in funding from the NSW Government for track upgrades.

Member for the Upper Hunter Dave Layzell said the state government funding will go towards cambering the grass track, new insulation and additional air conditioning for race day kennels, upgrades to stewards’ facilities and other safety upgrades.

“We love our greyhound racing here in Muswellbrook and the NSW Liberals and Nationals committed to seeing the code continue to grow in our region,” Mr Layzell said.

“This funding for general safety and track upgrades will mean Muswellbrook can host safer races which is fantastic news for spectators, but more importantly for the animals which are competing.
“This funding will mean that Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) will be able to conduct a minimum of six TAB race meetings at Muswellbrook annually, as well as other non-TAB meets which is fantastic news for the industry in our region.

“Greyhound racing is a significant employer here in the Upper Hunter electorate and the money that it brings to town provides a boost to our local economy. This funding will mean more people in town, meaning more money coming in for local businesses.

“Muswellbrook will also provide Greyhound as Pets (GAP) program facilities, complementing GRNSW’s farm stay proposal following its recent property acquisition in the Upper Hunter.”

Minister for racing, Kevin Anderson, said the grants were made as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to assist greyhound racing clubs across the state to meet minimum track standards.

“This grant has been awarded to the Muswellbrook greyhound track as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to improving animal welfare,” Mr Anderson said.

“These funds are not just about upgrading tracks, they are about adding value to each community and enhancing recreation in the area.

“We know the greyhound racing community is committed to animal welfare and it is crucial that the tracks and facilities meet the minimum safety standards, and that is exactly what this funding is designed to do.”


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