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Member for Upper Hunter, Dave Layzell, has called on the Minns NSW Government to ensure that the Bayswater Power Station near Muswellbrook is part of the state’s Plan ‘B’ for future energy security.

“I caution the Premier and his Minister for Energy to have a diversified approach rather than putting all of NSW’s eggs in the Eraring ‘basket’ to keep the lights on.” Mr Layzell said.

“When I wrote to Upper Hunter constituents after this year’s NSW Election, I made it clear that despite the closure of the Liddell Power Station, we should also remain focussed on the future of Bayswater.
“If the Government’s advice is that generation capacity might get tight, then I want it to work with AGL to ensure Bayswater remains operational until the transition to renewable energy can be carried out free of the risk of blackouts.”

Bayswater’s owner, AGL, has announced plans to close its remaining Upper Hunter coal-fired generating asset between 2030 and the end of 2033.

AGL has previously indicated that it will continue to work with State and Federal governments to ensure a “balanced and responsible transition.”

Mr Layzell argues that even though the company is progressing its plan for a Hunter Energy Hub, which includes the Liddell battery and Muswellbrook Pumped Hydro project, Bayswater should not be discarded if it can still fulfil a role in the National Electricity Market.

“AGL is currently spending $120 million on maintenance at the Upper Hunter power station, which is a welcome injection to ensure the reliability of electricity supply and a boost for the region’s economy,” Mr Layzell said.

“It continues the significant investment that AGL has made at Bayswater over the past six years with maintenance work in the order of approximately $400 million since 2017.

“If the company’s stewardship of the almost 40-year-old power plant has it in a sound operating condition then ensuring Bayswater’s longevity should be part of NSW’s plan for energy security.”

PICTURE CAPTION: File picture of Dave Layzell with Liddell Power Station (left) and Bayswater Power Station (right).

PICTURE CAPTION: June 2023 Upper Hunter Electorate Newsletter


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