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Upper Hunter MP Dave Layzell has thanked the Independent Planning Commission for its decision to reject the amended project application for the Martins Creek Quarry.

“Common sense has finally prevailed and the community concerns about the impact of this project have been heard,” Mr Layzell said.

“The decision by the proponents, Daracon, to revise road haulage rates following the IPC public meeting at Tocal in November last year is a concession that local roads could not handle the load that could have been placed on them.”

The company originally sought approval in 2016 to extract and transport 1.5 million tonnes of hard rock over 30 years.

In response to government and community feedback, the figure was amended to 1.1 million tonnes in May 2021.

Then last December after the IPC public meeting, Daracon dramatically reduced the road haulage to 450,000 tonnes using no more than 80 laden trucks per day on weekdays.

Mr Layzell used a Private Members Statement in the NSW Parliament on 18 October 2022 to voice his objection to the company’s plans to run trucks through the rural village of Paterson and the impact it would have on Dungog shire roads even before required upgrades were completed.

“The IPC decision is a hard-fought victory for residents of Paterson and will also address the concerns of Bolwarra Heights, Bolwarra, Largs and Lorn residents with the potential for additional road haulage through these residential areas removed,” Mr Layzell said.

Daracon is now being urged to return to the negotiating table and draw-up plans for the rail haulage of product from the Martins Creek Quarry.

“As I told Parliament last year, we have an acceptable alternative option and that is to run the gravel out by train,” Mr Layzell added.
“I made the commitment that I am willing to help Daracon negotiate with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and that offer stands.”

PICTURE CAPTION: Dave Layzell at the corner of King St and Duke St, Paterson - safety concerns about the intersection were raised by Mr Layzell in the NSW Parliament last year.


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