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Upper Hunter MP Dave Layzell has joined with Forestry Corporation of NSW, local government representatives and community members to re-open the Gloucester-Scone road across the Barrington Tops.

“It has been a marathon wait which required a Herculean response to repair Barrington Tops Road between Cobark Park and the Honeysuckle picnic areas after significant storm damage in March 2021,” Mr Layzell said.
“It has taken almost 640 days from closure until traffic could once again cross ‘The Tops’ and I thank everyone involved in this project and the community for its patience while the work was done.”

Wet weather early last year caused major structural damage to the road prompting concerns that the section could collapse.

A geotechnical assessment was conducted to assess tension cracks and slumpage underground with the results guiding the repairs which have been carried out.

There was also a setback for the project when this year’s floods across NSW impacted the supply of construction materials.

Forestry Corp finally got on site in October and over the past two months has completed what has been described as an engineering feat with 2,100 truckloads or 12,500 tonnes of material removed and replaced to make the road safe.

“The closure of the Gloucester-Scone Road for over 20 months has underscored its importance as a significant regional link connecting the Upper Hunter Shire and the Gloucester district,” Mr Layzell said.

“I thank the Minister for Agriculture Dugald Saunders and his predecessor Adam Marshall for their support of my advocacy to assist Forestry Corp progress the damage assessment and subsequent repairs as promptly as possible during a challenging set of circumstances.

“Now that the Barrington Top Road is open, I encourage the community to return to the area to enjoy the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops National Park, the various tourism opportunities between Gloucester and Scone as well as the picturesque drive through this unique part of the Australian landscape.”

PICTURE CAPTION: Dave Layzell joined by MidCoast Councillor Katheryn Stinson (Smith) and Forestry Corp to reopen Barrington Tops Road - 21 December 2022.


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