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Upper Hunter MP Dave Layzell has welcomed Ausgrid’s trial of new energy distribution technology in his electorate.

Ausgrid has installed its first pole mounted battery at Lorn, in a trial that will look at the viability of small pole-top batteries to support the network during peak demand or high solar export times.

This trial will complement Ausgrid’s larger community battery program by developing our understanding of the benefits and technical challenges of deployment.

The pole mounted batteries trial will improve the understanding of the customer benefits, and technical challenges of deployment of small-scale batteries in overhead network areas.

The trial outcomes will build on the understanding of a range of flexible solutions to support growth of renewable energy in our networks, while also demonstrating the ability to improve network hosting capacity, reduce voltage imbalance and manage peak loads.

“I thank Ausgrid for including Lorn in the trial which forms part of the energy network transformation of electricity distribution for our homes and businesses,” Mr Layzell said.
“I believe it will help build consumer confidence by allowing users to experience the local storage which can be built into the distribution system to act like a ‘pressure valve’ or ‘shock absorber’ enabling continuity of supply especially during periods of high network activity.”

Junayd Hollis, Ausgrid’s Executive General Manager of Asset Management, said if successful, the pole-top battery systems could avoid the need for more extensive network augmentation that would otherwise be necessary to address network constraints.

“Pole-top batteries will play a crucial role in integrating more renewable energy into the grid. They can store excess energy generated during periods of high production and release it during times of low production or high demand”, Mr Hollis said.

“The system will provide localised energy storage and grid support, helping to support more efficient and reliable electrical infrastructure while facilitating the transition to net zero.”

The trial pole-top batteries, manufactured by EcoJoule Energy, will support all properties connected to the local distribution network, with the first trial locations in Lorn, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

For more information on the installation of pole-top batteries, visit

PICTURE CAPTION: Dave Layzell inspect the pole mounted battery at Lorn & (below) Ausgrid installing the battery


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